OS400 Security

FMA can help you to ensure compliance of your AS/400 or System-i servers with your security policy and standards, and the regulatory requirements.

  • Policies and procedures on security monitoring function, data protection, physical security, backup and recovery, and access control
  • System Values
  • Password Control
  • User Profile Management
  • Resource Security (libraries, objects, commands, system utilities, IFS, job descriptions, spooled files, etc.)
  • Authorization Control (incl. Adopt Authority)
  • Auditing and Intrusion Detection
  • Network & TCP/IP Security

We automate the auditing process as much as possible according to your in-house audit checklist so you will be able to run the customized auditing script for your own regular audit.

They are the core tools used everyday by managers, employees and clients alike. The data they manipulate are vital for the organization. Do your applications get the security attention they deserve?

PDF OS/400 Security Course

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