Medium Business

Deploy your infrastructure securely

Instead of deploying your infrastructure first, and secure it later why don't you simply deploy your infrastructure securely right from the start ? We can help you deploy your infrastructure securely, or secure your pre-existing infrastructure.

How secure is your network ?

Our various security assessment services cover all the areas of your infrastructure. Evaluate the security strength and identify the vulnerabilities in your systems, networks, and applications. We provide these assessment services either on an ad-hoc or subscription basis.

See your network the way a hacker does

We offer a comprehensive, controlled and trusted penetration test service targeting at highlighting security flaws in your network by remotely attempting to break into it. This is the closest you can get to assess what an attacker can really perform onto your network. In the same way as our audit services, we provide penetration tests on an ad-hoc or subscription basis.

Just been hacked ?

We perform detailed digital forensics investigations. Don't let the attacker get away with it, we can help you in providing a detailed technical report to the law enforcement agencies as to get the maximum chances of a successful prosecution.