About Us

FMA is an innovative security service company focused on protecting its clients from security threats. We are registered in Singapore, and focus mostly on Asia Pacific.

Our consultants are all certified professionals with many years of experience in security. They are constantly improving their knowledge by attending new courses, or by researching new aspects of today security threats. This constant enlargement of their skills allow them to secure our clients' assets with optimum reliability.

We believe that security is not just a product but rather an on-going process, where products are sometimes used as tools to mitigate various security threats. As such, FMA propose flexible contracts to adapt to the clients' business type and to take into account the different timings of security life cycle.

The services we offer encompass all the steps of the IT security cycle. Additionally, we thrive at designing solutions that fit tightly to the clients' business model in order to be non-intrusive and truly secure. To find out how we can help you secure your assets against threats, contact us today!